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It’s a baby BOY!

21 week ultrasound of baby sucking his thumbThis is a little late coming, but we are going to have a baby boy! I have an ultrasound photo where we can CLEARLY see this, but since I don’t really want that on the internet I just show you this cute one of him sucking his thumb!

Our baby’s name is Oliver. There’s a story that goes along with how he got his name but I might wait to share that since I’m going to tell family and friends first. But suffice it to say that he picked the name out himself!

I know I said I wanted a girl, but I’m actually really happy that he’s a boy! I can’t really explain it but now that we have a name for him, it feels like he couldn’t really be anyone else. He’s exactly who he’s supposed to be. Up until 21 weeks I hadn’t felt him move much, but now I’m feeling kicks everyday! Before I was pregnant, the idea of having a human growing on the inside of me kind of freaked me out and I thought it would feel really weird. But it is actually really awesome! I love seeing and feeling him kick.

The week we found out his gender, Munro and I went to Target to pick out some baby clothes. Munro picked out the NASA onesie (he’s really into space stuff). I also checked out Babies”R”Us this week and got him this adorable velour sweat suit. Oh man. Baby boy clothes are so freakin’ cute! I could literally spend hundreds of dollars. Somehow, I have managed to restrain myself and have only bought a few things. By the way, I’m also buying 3 month sizes, rather than newborn. All the babies in my family were over 9 pounds and I’m expecting that he will be tall since I’m 5’9″ and Munro is 6′. Most newborn sizes say they only go up to 8 pounds.

short sleeve NASA onesienavy and grey velour sweat suit and matching onesie

Also, you may be wondering about that pink baby blanket I was making. Well, I did finish it yesterday and I love how it turned out! However, I won’t get to use it for a while. Which is totally okay, since I have the rainbow one I plan to give to Oliver (I just can’t bring myself to let him use the pink one lol). When I have my baby girl, at least I will have a blanket already made for her. Next up, I’m going to make Oliver some crocheted hats. I saw this really cute pattern on Ravelry for a penguin hat!

Here is the finished ombré pink blanket:

ombré pink crochet baby blanketclose up of ombré pink baby blanket

I could just stare at these colors for hours! Haha!

21 Week Bump Update

Andrea's 21 week bump
Hi there! I’m over half way through my pregnancy and realized I haven’t posted any pictures of my bump yet. As of today, I am at 21 weeks pregnant! This Tuesday I have my ultrasound to find out the gender. (Pleeeease be a girl!!!)

So far my pregnancy has been pretty uneventful, thankfully. No morning sickness. I’ve had some food cravings but they came only for a couple weeks then left. I’m mostly eating what I normally would, just in larger amounts. This is probably not only due to the baby but also because of the amount of exercise I’ve been getting. I have more energy now that I’m running and hiking! Also it really helps me stay positive mentally.

I’ve purchased a few maternity dresses, but that’s about it. The dress I’m wearing here (not maternity) is actually from Whole Foods! They have a small selection of cute clothes – I bought this when it was 30% off. I’m trying of avoid spending a lot of money of maternity wear because it seems like a waste to only be able to wear stuff for a few months. I’m mostly wearing either stretchy fabrics or loose fitting tunics and dresses with yoga capris if it’s chilly out. I work out in running shorts and tank tops which fit just fine.

I’m pretty sure I’ve felt the baby move, although only a couple times. My midwife and others have told me the first movements feel like bubbles or gas…which it’s kind of hard to tell if I have gas or if it’s just the baby. Haha!

Last week Munro and I toured Evans Community Hospital where I will be delivering. I wanted to tour it early in case there was something I really didn’t like that put me off. Originally, I was considering a home birth (I’m planning to have a natural drug-free birth anyways) but decided against it due to the cost and other factors. Overall, I was really impressed with Evans! They seemed very accommodating and the rooms don’t have that nasty hospital “look” to them.

More bump updates to come!