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It’s a baby BOY!

21 week ultrasound of baby sucking his thumbThis is a little late coming, but we are going to have a baby boy! I have an ultrasound photo where we can CLEARLY see this, but since I don’t really want that on the internet I just show you this cute one of him sucking his thumb!

Our baby’s name is Oliver. There’s a story that goes along with how he got his name but I might wait to share that since I’m going to tell family and friends first. But suffice it to say that he picked the name out himself!

I know I said I wanted a girl, but I’m actually really happy that he’s a boy! I can’t really explain it but now that we have a name for him, it feels like he couldn’t really be anyone else. He’s exactly who he’s supposed to be. Up until 21 weeks I hadn’t felt him move much, but now I’m feeling kicks everyday! Before I was pregnant, the idea of having a human growing on the inside of me kind of freaked me out and I thought it would feel really weird. But it is actually really awesome! I love seeing and feeling him kick.

The week we found out his gender, Munro and I went to Target to pick out some baby clothes. Munro picked out the NASA onesie (he’s really into space stuff). I also checked out Babies”R”Us this week and got him this adorable velour sweat suit. Oh man. Baby boy clothes are so freakin’ cute! I could literally spend hundreds of dollars. Somehow, I have managed to restrain myself and have only bought a few things. By the way, I’m also buying 3 month sizes, rather than newborn. All the babies in my family were over 9 pounds and I’m expecting that he will be tall since I’m 5’9″ and Munro is 6′. Most newborn sizes say they only go up to 8 pounds.

short sleeve NASA onesienavy and grey velour sweat suit and matching onesie

Also, you may be wondering about that pink baby blanket I was making. Well, I did finish it yesterday and I love how it turned out! However, I won’t get to use it for a while. Which is totally okay, since I have the rainbow one I plan to give to Oliver (I just can’t bring myself to let him use the pink one lol). When I have my baby girl, at least I will have a blanket already made for her. Next up, I’m going to make Oliver some crocheted hats. I saw this really cute pattern on Ravelry for a penguin hat!

Here is the finished ombré pink blanket:

ombré pink crochet baby blanketclose up of ombré pink baby blanket

I could just stare at these colors for hours! Haha!

Crochet Baby Blankets

Tomorrow I will be 16 weeks pregnant! I will post some photos of my bump soon. There’s not that much there, it really looks like I just ate a little too much, haha. I have been busy crocheting some baby blankets for her. Ok, I don’t know the gender yet – and won’t until my week 21 ultrasound – but I believe it’s going to be a girl. I am so convinced of this that one of the blankets is an ombré pink chevron stripe! I love pink. You probably couldn’t tell.

The first blanket I finished about a month ago. I used Stylecraft Special DK yarn for both blankets. This yarn is really awesome! It’s super inexpensive and holds up really well. There’s nothing worse than your blankets starting to get those annoying pills (I call them fuzzies) a couple months after use. It’s also really nice to work with and comes in A TON of color choices! The hardest part is figuring out what colors you want. I buy mine from Wool Warehouse.

Rainbow-colored striped crochet baby blanket laying flat     cat sitting on top of rainbow-colored baby blanket

My cat Sally thinks it’s hers!
The pattern is worked diagonally, from corner to corner. You can find it on Ravelry. It’s called the “Spring into Summer Blanket” by Susan Carlson. And it’s FREE! Yay!

close up of pattern of rainbow-colored baby blanket

The second blanket I’m currently working on is the “Chevron Baby Blanket” by Purl Soho. Find the pattern here. I’m having so much fun working on this one that I might make a larger version as a throw for the couch, possibly in a purple ombré. The colors kind of remind me of cotton candy. I told Munro that if we have a boy, he will just be using a pink blanket!

chevron ombré pink striped crochet baby blanket

Update: I finished it. See it here!!!