Hiking the Seven Bridges Trail

Seven Bridges hike mountain view
On Saturday, Munro and I went hiking at North Cheyenne Park on the Seven Bridges Trail. So far, it’s one of our favorite hikes in Colorado Springs! The trail is about 4 miles long and took us about 2 1/2 hours to complete. We actually hiked longer than 4 miles I’m sure, as we got off the trail at one point and had to turn around. We also stopped halfway through for a short break.

I feel like this was the hardest trail we’ve done together, as I haven’t hiked that much before coming to Colorado. The high elevation has also been something we’ve had to adjust to. My ideal form of exercise was always running through my neighborhood. However, I recently switched to trail running instead of concrete because I had hurt my back and am only starting to run again since a couple months ago. Running on trails is much more comfortable for my body and I’m finding I prefer it to running on concrete.

Anyways…back to the hike.

The first part of the trail is flat and wide. There were a lot of people on it in the beginning – which is to be expected for a Saturday afternoon, but the further we went the more it cleared out. I wanted to go in the morning but getting up early on a Saturday is something that basically never happens for me.

You eventually turned to the right to get on the fun part of the trail where the path narrows and it starts going up. This is right past crossing North Cheyenne Creek. Look for the pole labeled “Trail 622” and follow the sign past it. (We actually didn’t turn right here and continued along the wide path for a while before realizing that there weren’t any bridges!)

There are indeed seven bridges you will pass over until you get to the end, although the path continues higher up but I believe that’s a different trail. We turned around after bridge number 7. What we both really liked about this trail was how it went through the forest and you really felt far away from the city. Being Spring, everything was very lush and green. The path stays next to the creek for the most part all the way up.

Seven Bridges trail beginning path

Seven Bridges trail water stream with rocksone of the seven bridgesAndrea standing on one of the seven bridges

Munro standing in front of last bridgeSelfie of Munro and Andrea along Seven Bridges trail

Overall, I highly recommend this trail if you want to do a moderately difficult hike. You can get directions to it from the Alltrails website or app. It says it’s a loop trail but that’s not correct – it goes out and back.

I’ve fallen in love with hiking since moving to Colorado. There are so many places to explore up in the mountains and it just clears my head. You really can’t be stressed out in the middle of the woods (unless you are lost…that would be stressful!) In our society that is so urbanized, I believe it’s important to get away from all the hustle and bustle, get off the internet for a few hours, and go play outside!

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